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Zielony promień światła

We represent franchisees...


We specialize in pursuing claims of borrowers against banks in the field of loan agreements indexed or denominated with the Swiss franc exchange rate - both existing and repaid or terminated agreements.


Depending on the individual situation of each client, we apply for:

  • determination of the invalidity of the loan agreement,

  • return of all benefits provided by the Borrower to the Bank in the course of performance of the agreement,

  • determining the ineffectiveness of the provisions regarding the interest rate component based on the WIBOR reference index and leaving only the provisions regarding the loan margin in the contract,

  • reimbursement of overpaid interest installments.


In addition, we strive to obtain security for the claim, granted for the entire duration of the proceedings, consisting in a complete suspension of the obligation to pay capital and interest installments to the bank.


The procedure for pursuing claims in the above-mentioned scope includes:

  • sending scans of the loan agreement with attachments (including the regulations) and scans of annexes to the agreement, if any were concluded - if you do not have all of the above documents at the initial stage of analysis, in most cases it will be sufficient to send a loan agreement,

  • providing the Customer with a substantive answer as to the legitimacy of bringing an action against the bank, both in terms of cancellation of the loan agreement and the so-called "unfranking" the loan,

  • applying to the bank for a loan history certificate,

  • commissioning a financial analyst to calculate the value of claims that can be pursued through court proceedings,

  • bank request for payment namounts due,

  • comprehensive representation at the stage of court proceedings.

Agreements with banks

If, for various reasons, you do not want to initiate a court dispute, we can also offer representation in negotiations with the bank, thanks to which you can obtain a favorable repayment agreement.

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