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Piotr Dłubisz

Ms. Karolina helped us in a case regarding the purchase of real estate. Thanks to her, we went through the whole process without any problems. I recommend.

Wioleta Angowska

Cool!!! . I am very pleased with your help. She helped me a lot. I wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Karolina :).

Agnieszka Sypek

Professional approach to the client, professional assistance. I recommend to everyone

Law firm - SG Adwokaci

SG Adwokaci offers professional and comprehensive legal assistance. Our team of lawyers is always ready to rise to the occasion and meet your goals. We deal with a wide range of cases that cover various areas of law. We believe we can give you the legal protection you deserve.

Our attorneys – Karolina Słupecka and Adrian Grochowski – have been educated at the University of Warsaw and gained experience in significant legal organizations and reputable law firms. You can be sure that they will take care of your case and will do everything to make it end in your favour!

In our law firm, we focus on an individual approach to each client. We thoroughly analyze each case, taking into account its specificity. We use legal knowledge to help you achieve the optimal solution and meet your expectations.

Need legal help?

Are you facing a lawsuit?

Report to us!

our Warsaw law firm operates in two branches located on Bemowie and on Prague.

Our specializations

Our law firm specializes in the following areas: Civil law – deals with contracts, obligations, property rights, inheritance and other issues related to the rights and obligations of citizens. Family law – regulates matters related to marriage, divorce, custody of children, alimony and division of marital property. Criminal law – concerns crimes and penalties, the truth about the event is sought in the trial, lawyers deal with the defense of the accused or enforcing sanctions for the offender. Services for entrepreneurs – thanks to our excellent knowledge of economic law, we help in setting up and running a business, drawing up binding commercial contracts and facilitating the observance of labor law regulations in the company. Enforcement and bankruptcy – we deal with enforcement procedures related to the bankruptcy of enterprises and individuals. We are committed to providing a fair solution for all parties. ​Citizenship – we advise on issues related to naturalization, dual citizenship and civil rights. CHF loans – we analyze contracts, protect the rights of borrowers and advise on issues related to CHF loans. ​WIBOR loans – we analyze contracts, monitor market indicators and advise on loans based on WIBOR.

Who do we advise?

Our offer includes a wide range of legal services that we provide both in Polish and English. Regardless of whether you are an individual client or you represent a company, we are ready to meet your needs and provide you with comprehensive and professional legal services.

We are flexible

Thanks to the convenient location of our branches, every person living in Warsaw can seek the advice of a lawyer. However, a different location is not a limitation! We provide online legal advice and teleconsultations. If necessary, we will come to you and consider your case on the spot. Our remote services are characterized by the same high level of professionalism as in the case of advice provided in the office. In our law firm, we value the high quality of services and the trust of our clients. We approach each case with attention and accuracy. Our goal is to provide effective and professional legal assistance that will allow you to achieve the intended result.

Trust our law firm and take advantage of our services of the highest quality!

We invite you to contact us via our website and meet our lawyers in person in Warsaw, at Grenadierów Street in South Praga or in Bemowo at Kazimierza Wyki Street.

Remember, we are here to advise you and fight for you!


Praga South

Grenadierów 13, 04-052 Warsaw, Poland

+ 48 503 157 559


Kazimierza Wyki 15/59, 01-318 Warsaw, Poland

+48 606 173 776

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